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Harvest by Ken Cameron


     Charlotte and Allan love their Margaree farm, but it’s time to retire. They move to Sydney and rent their old farmhouse out to someone who seems to be a ‘nice young man.’ But things aren’t always what they seem. Follow this endearing couple, and the dozen characters they also portray, through this hilarious story about the plight of the modern farmer.

     Theatre Baddeck audiences "laughed all the way through" Harvest in 2016. Don't miss this exciting remount!


Direction and Sound Design: Richard Quesnel

Set Design: Nicole Lee Quesnel


Charlotte Duncanson: Christy MacRae

Allan Duncanson: Terry Barna


"Two amazing actors playing so many characters!" - Lisa Holt

"I was laughing out loud for most of the performance!" - Diana (TripAdvisor)

"Fantastic show! A must see if you are in the area - lots of laughs from a very talented cast." - Doreen Shaw-Norman

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