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July 6-August 6, 2023
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What do you get when you pair a failing middle aged scholar with two spinster sisters living in the backwoods of Cape Breton Island who have a knack for weaving fact and fantasy into an impossible blend of truth, fiction and gossip? A quirky and hilarious comedy written by Nova Scotia playwright Mary-Colin Chisholm. When Scott’s car breaks down at the foot of Sissy Mary’s driveway, she believes it is destiny, much to the dismay of her fiercely protective sister Yewina. The sisters’ secluded lives are about to be shaken and Scott’s dead end existence upended in this very Cape Breton story about truth and lies, the bonds of sisterhood, some chickens and a cougar.


"Now THIS is summer theatre at its best. See it if you can!" - Edward P. (Facebook)

"Theatre Baddeck does it again. An excellent, funny, fast-paced show with many whimsical twists and turns. Highly recommend for a good night out!" - Sheena M. [5/5 stars] (Google)

"Enjoyed the show immensely - costumes, set, actors were outstanding! Recommend it highly. Over dinner after seeing the show we had a great time reminiscing a lot of the lines! Had many a laugh!" - Yvonne G. (Facebook)

"A classic of Cape Breton humour. Great laughs, excellent set... a fellow audience member suggested maybe I laughed too much. Couldn't help it!" - Chris K. [5/5 stars] (Google)

"Fabulous production - great layered story with lots of physical comedy along with entertaining dialogue. A special theatrical treat in Baddeck!" - Eileen C. [5/5 stars] (Google)

"The show was amazing the writing, directing, acting, costumes, set, sound, props all came together in a wonderful show, not to be missed!" - Barb L (Facebook)

"We had a great time at Theatre Baddeck. The play, 'Half-Cracked', was outstanding and the set was perfect! Highly recommend!" - Debra H. [5/5 stars] (Google)

"We had a wonderful time! What a great show, I highly recommend it while you are in Baddeck." - Brent & Julie M. [5/5 stars]  (Google)

"It's a wild, enchanting ride into the lives of two unusual sisters who love storytelling – and chickens." - NS Reviews


Mary-Colin Chisholm

Sissy Mary/Playwright

Christy MacRae-Ziss


Jim Fowler



Natasha MacLellan


Andrea Evans

Set Designer

Kirsten Watt

Lighting Designer

Emlyn Murray

Costume Designer

Hannah Ziss

Sound Designer

Alexander Sinclair

Scenic Carpenter

Tim Yakimec

Stage Manager

Kate Munro-Bergfeldt

Production Assistant

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