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One of the most enjoyable, if not the most memorable experience of our recent trip through Cape Breton. All actors could easily have been on stage at a Broadway theatre.” - michaelcA2648NE (29 July 2021)

“I have attended several performances at Theatre Baddeck over the last few years. The offering this month, The Hydrofoil Mystery, was a true delight, well worth seeing. I would recommend to anyone visiting or from the Cape Breton area to make it a point to take in a performance of this unique little theater group.” - THOMAS1440 (9 October 2022)


“We moved from CB to the Annapolis Valley but still purchase season tickets because we enjoy this theatre so much... It's always worth the trip! Always a great night at the Theatre Baddeck!” – John H (1 October 2022)


“We have never been disappointed in our visits to Theatre Baddeck and Hydrofoil Mystery was no exception. A great 5 person cast and interesting plot. It was very believable and I had to google afterwards to see how much was true. We are looking forward to the next show.” – Bill D (29 September 2022)


“Stunningly entertaining 3-ring comedy by 2 talented actors! These two actors are so amazing, so musically accomplished, their theatre arts and mime chops are so great that they can assume many different and hilarious characters, sometimes with the drop of eyeglasses or slumping into a limp. Oh and the Cape Breton Glace Bay place is prominent, that company house set! and the writing was great. and the ending so sweet. The audience laughed and pounded the floor and clapped all the way through.” Victoria J (24 August 2022)


“Such a wonderful show. The actors were superb and the experience was top-notch. 10/10, will definitely be going back!” - SLV44 (18 August 2022)


“We have been to two productions this summer and both have been wonderful. Highly recommend attending! Very entertaining. Fabulous experience. The amount of talent is amazing.” – edlindamiles (7 August 2022)


“We really need to pass on our highest compliments regarding the theatre we saw last evening. We have never seen anything as clever and creative, we are still stunned by the gift of the actors to portray multiple characters without changing their clothes! It was both comical and emotionally moving. We would attend again if we were not leaving the island today. How can we let the world know not to miss the last few days of the production??? SUPERLATIVE theatre.” – Pauline and Jake Thiessen (24 August 2022)


“What a terrific evening! We were fortunate to attend the opening evening at it was simply outstanding. From the time we were greeted at the front door to the performances on stage this event was first class. As season ticket holders to Neptune Theatre for several years, this play was equal to any that we have seen at Neptune. Congrats to all. A first-class theatre experience in a small and intimate local theatre.” – Jim D (9 September 2021)


A real taste of Nova Scotia wrapped in a fantastic play. We’re from out of town and were looking for a local thing to do. We popped in for a play and absolutely loved it. The staff was lovely and the play even better. Well worth the visit.” - laural962021 (7 September 2021)


I have attended all of Theatre Baddeck Seasons and have not been disappointed, The performance of Outside Mullingar was great. The acting was superb, and the set was good given the small space that there is to work within. I highly recommend attending a show if you are in Baddeck.” Sue C (14 August 2021)


“We thoroughly enjoyed a flawless performance of a wonderfully human play called Outside Mullingar set in the midlands of Ireland. It couldn't have been a better experience! Professional actors with direction, sound and lighting to match!” - My_Home_Planet (5 August 2021)


“Theatre Baddeck is something we tried for the first time last year. We came back again this year and we’re not disappointed. We immediately booked for the next show. The quality of the performance is comparable to any big city theatre.” – Jim D (5 August 2021)


“The Young Ladies of Baddeck Club was witty and well-written. The performances of the four women were superb. They are as talented as anyone I've seen on the stage in New York or London. I still can't believe how fortunate I was to attend such a wonderful performance.” Kathy1945 (13 July 2016)


I laughed out loud many times and shed a few tears too. The Young Ladies of Baddeck Club was so entertaining I'd go see it again (akin to rereading a treasured book). I wholeheartedly recommend this historic, comedic play as an engaging and authentic Baddeck experience to be enjoyed by visitors and residents alike.” Katrina MacKenzie (10 July 2016)

“My wife and I have seen several productions at Theater Baddeck. They do a wonderful job. If you plan to visit Cape Breton, make time for a show in Baddeck. You won't regret it.” – Donald C. (24 September 2019)


“Awesome! The play, "He'd Be Your Mother's Father's Cousin", was hilarious from start to finish!! The cast played their roles to perfection! Loved the small intimate theatre. A must see, you will laugh and cry and be delightfully entertained for the entire show.” – theretherenow (24 July 2019)

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