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August 18-September 23, 2023
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Our hit production of this exciting new Cape Breton play and 5x Robert Merritt Award nominee is BACK in 2023!


It’s the summer of 1917. A teenage boy, Billy, is sent to work for the great inventor Alexander Graham Bell in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. Billy’s gotten into some bad habits and has other interests than working hard for the summer. Plus, the secret project in the boathouse seems much more interesting.  Mystery’s afoot, spies are lurking, and history is about to be made with Bell’s latest invention, the hydrofoil. Part coming of age, part high-spirited adventure story, and fun for the whole family, this new play brings to light a little-known chapter of Canadian history.

Content advisory: This production contains water-based haze and the sound of a gunshot. It is appropriate for ages 8+. Contact us for more information. 

Running time: 1 hour 50 minutes including one 15-minute intermission.




"The Hydrofoil Mystery was a highlight of our family's trip to Nova Scotia. The cast was fantastic and incredibly talented. With only a cast of 5 and simple set design, we were transported from bustling seaport, to countryside, to humble homes to grand manors, traveling on dorys, big ships, horse-drawn carriages and a scary and exciting ride on the hydrofoil! This talented cast made us laugh, brought tears to our eyes and kept us in suspense. This is one of the best plays I have seen. Theatre Baddeck is a must do experience!" [5/5 stars] - Joyce C. (Google)

"A really outstanding production not to be missed! Well paced and skillfully written. The actors show remarkable talent in switching from one character to the other and the set changes are a treat to watch in themselves. Very strong performances all around and the casting of the two main characters was perfect. We have been lucky enough to experience good theatre all over North America and beyond and we agreed that Hydrofoil was Broadway quality right here on Cape Breton Island. We’ll be back for more!" [5/5 stars] - Barbara M. (Google)

"We were captivated from the get-go and awed by the utilization of a minimal set design and ability of cast to alternate their characters. We drove 5 hours to come and see this play and we were rewarded for our efforts. We will be back!" - rmacduff (TripAdvisor)

"The cast was amazing and the staging spectacular.  I couldn't believe how a few objects could be so successfully transformed into so much - I actually 'saw' the hydrofoil skimming across the water.  I got to meet Alexander Graham Bell and Casey Baldwin. For me, this was a gift.  I will play it around in my head for a long time to come.” - Eric Walters, author

"The acting was amazing and set design superbly inventive. This feel-good, riveting, quick moving story captured audience attention and imagination!" - Judith H.

"Our 8 and 12 year old enjoyed this along with the 40+ year olds. Some humour, mystery, fact and fiction with lots of action!" - nsshan (TripAdvisor)

"A great performance! Superb acting from all of the cast. A most enjoyable evening. I would recommend the show to everyone visiting Baddeck!" [5/5 stars] - Ruth M. (Google)

"Fantastic show! It was no less than a play I’d see at Neptune in Halifax. The acting was superb and the cast clearly clicked well together as they moved around the small stage with ease and precision. Excellent story and story telling. I’d say this is a must if visiting Baddeck!" [5/5 stars] - Josie Y. (Google)

"The play was engaging from start to finish! The set transitions were clever and kept up the momentum. Extremely well executed and we would recommend this play to anyone, and will. Loved it and if we had a chance would see it again. Well done! Four enthusiastic thumbs up!" [5/5 stars] - Celia K.

5x 2022 Robert Merritt Award nominee for: Outstanding Independent Production, Outstanding New Nova Scotia Adaptation (Christy MacRae-Ziss), Outstanding Scenic Design (Karyn McCallum), Outstanding Lighting Design (Leigh Ann Vardy), Outstanding Sound Design (Jordan Palmer).


Jeremy Foot


Ryan Rogerson

Alexander Graham Bell


Ian Gilmore


Matt Lacas

Casey Baldwin/various

Christy MacRae-Ziss

Mrs. MacAulay/various/


Ron Jenkins


Karyn McCallum

Set Designer

Leigh Ann Vardy

Lighting Designer

Jordan Palmer

Sound Designer/TD

Emily Clegg

Costume Designer

Tim Yakimec

Stage Manager

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