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CASTING CALL: A Theatre Baddeck Christmas (2023)

We are looking for volunteer actors and singers to audition for our brand new holiday show!

Audition Requirements

(A) One song (performed without accompaniment) of your choosing 


(B) A cold read from a scene selected by us (no preparation required!) 


(C) Both!

These auditions are meant to be a relaxed and fun experience. If you are interested in being considered for a speaking role we encourage you to read for us and if you can sing we would love to hear it! Choose a song you like to sing (it does not have to be long! A verse and chorus would be fine). 


Audition Dates/Times/Location

Friday, October 20 between 7pm and 9pm.

Audition slots will be 15 minutes. Auditions will take place at 24 Queen Street, Baddeck NS. If you are unavailable at this time please let us know and we will arrange for an alternative date to meet you! 


Who will be at the audition?

Co-Artistic Producer and Director Christy MacRae-Ziss


Play an instrument?

Please bring your instrument and play something for us! 


I have never auditioned before!

Please do not worry! Prior experience is not required. This will be a casual audition with lots of opportunity to ask questions. We mostly just want to get to know you! 


If I am cast, what is the time commitment?

The show runs from December 7-10, 2023 for 6 performances. You must be available for all performances. Click here to view the calendar. Rehearsal dates are currently TBD, but it will generally be:

- 8 weeknights in November (you may not be required for all of them);

- December 2-3: daytime rehearsals (you may not be required for all of them);

- December 4-6: evening rehearsals (you will be required for all of them).

If you have any conflicts or questions about the rehearsal schedule, please ask them at your audition! 


Would you rather send in a video?

This is absolutely acceptable and encouraged! When you email to sign up for an audition, indicate that you would prefer to send in a self-tape and we will send instructions. 

How to sign up

Email Co-Artistic Producer Christy MacRae-Ziss at indicating that you would like to audition and if you have a preferred time. She will respond with your audition slot time and any additional information you may need to know. 

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